The Glitoris

The Glitoris is a giant sparkling 100:1 scale model anatomical of a  clitoris - one of the most misunderstood parts of the human body.

The Glitoris depicts not just the tip you can see above the surface but the entire organ: 18 different interconnected parts of muscle, nerves and erectile tissue beneath the surface.


This was made as a fun, playful way to educate and celebrate this misunderstood organ. Originally it was going to be just a little passion project to kick off the year, made as a party treat for my immediate queer and warehouse artist communities in inner west Sydney.  But the political timing, and hunger for this knowledge, meant it suddenly went viral - being shared hundreds of thousands of times in many languages.


In a world where radical right wing politics is on the rise and we are being told to hate our bodies from every direction, access to the pleasure your body can give is a vital right worth defending.


Taking advantage of that pleasure is an act of defiance.

 and The Clitorati

Coming from a love of sparkly subversive queer performance and terrible vintage sci-fi, the Clitorati are the way to bring the Glitrotis to the people.

These ambassadors for the clit make the subject super approachable by combining dance and performance with audience engagement and education on the ways and wonders of the clitoris. It means its not a detached art piece in a museum or photograph; people can come up and have a chat or a hug, take some selfies, gently stroke the Glitoris. We want it to be fun to learn about our bodies and pleasure. After all that is what the clitoris - the only known organ who's only purpose is pleasure - would want.

Performers: Ellie Downing, Alli Sebastian Wolf, Caitlin Doyle-Markwick, Inga Ting

Photo Credit: Oscar Colman, Heaps Gay, Tim de-Rin

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What Next?

We will continue to do performances and talks at events and festivals - we love that! It has been a real privilege to be a messenger for the clitoris. This project just a small part of an international awakening in understanding the clitoris that started in the medical sciences and has moved into art.

The Glitoris has made thousands of people around the world more aware of their own and each others bodies, given them access to pleasure and connection and hopefully improved their lives in doing so.


But now I want to take that further and help people who have had their right to clitoral pleasure violated.

You can help by buying one of these little Glitorises here:







50%of the profits will go directly to providing free surgeries to repair clitoris after Female* (*people born with a clitoris including trans men, intersex, non binary and non identifying people) Genital Mutilation.

Currently I'm talking to a number of organisations, including AusAid and Unisef, to find one that will be able to make the most difference. This is a complicated and process with a lot of factors, but I hope it will be locked in soon. Please contact me if you have advice or suggestions.

More Information Making it -

20 peices of Clit shaping up for my show in the big window of the Bearded Tit in two weeks. #Glitoris #clitoris #Clitorati

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Clit shaving #Glitoris #clitoris #Clitorati

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For this show -

Gilding the fuck out of this lily. 🌟☄☇☄🌟 #Glitorus #clitorus #sequins #gildingthelily @thebeardedtit @heapsgay

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But before the costumes were even finished Buzzfeed and Amanda Palmer were sharing it to thousands of people -

Clitbait: 10 things you didn't know about the clitoris

'Palmer said it was the most effective artwork in the fight against fascism she’d ever seen. Wolf will settle for a world with equality on toilet walls, where there are as many clitorises graffitied as penises...

With Glitoris, she wanted to create “something fun and fabulous ... [and] really pleasurable to engage with – not a static artwork or an anatomy lesson, but something where people could come have a bit of a fondle and enjoy the sparkly colours”.'


Read the full article HERE



All Hail 'Glitoris,' the Giant Golden Clitoris ' “Almost no one I talk to knows about this incredible organ,” she explains to The Creators Project. “How far it extends beyond what you can see on the surface and how it works. It’s the most fabulous body part in the whole known universe—the only one that serves no purpose other than pleasure, and it’s been ignored by Western culture for so many centuries.” ' Read the full article HERE
The night before her big Opera House performance she contacted me, inviting the Glitoris to join her on stage
Australian Artist Creates Golden Clitoris Statue 'If you've been waiting for the perfect piece of dorm room art, it's finally here. A woman in Australia has made a giant, golden clitoris statue and it's the decoration we all desperately need... Literally, penises are everywhere. But how often do we draw a big clit on something? The answer is almost never. The more we see clitorises, though, the more familiar we become with them and the less radical the idea of female pleasure becomes. For Alli, and for the rest of us, it will be a better life when we all recognize the importance of the clitoris.' Read the full article HERE Getting to know the sex organ most people are woefully ignorant about 'It's big, it's shiny, it's gold and sparkly, and it's all for pleasure. So, what is this thing? If you find yourself struggling to guess, you're not alone. It is, in fact, a clitoris.' Read the full article HERE This Artist Made A Huge, Sparkly Clitoris Sculpture For Education Purposes 'It's big, it's shiny, it's gold and sparkly, and it's all for pleasure. So, what is this thing? If you find yourself struggling to guess, you're not alone. It is, in fact, a clitoris.' Read the full article HERE
Så kan vi lære det: Kunstner har skabt en gigantisk klitoris i guld Der er en afgrundsdyb mangel på viden om det kvindelige seksualorgan, men australsk kunstner vil gøre op med uvidenheden. Read the full article HERE This Woman Made A Huge Sparkly Sculpture Of A Clitoris Called "The Glitoris" And It’s Really Something “Maybe some day we’ll have as many clits graffitied on toilet walls as penises. That will be a good day.” Read the full article HERE
L’artiste australienne,atterrée par le manque de connaissances des femmes (et des hommes) sur le clitoris en a créé un géant, et doré. Une fascinante manière de célébrer cette partie de notre intimité, et de l’exposer au grand jour.
We taught 2000 people things they didn't know about the clitoris
Since then the Clitoris and Clitorati have been busy - appearing at lots of festivals and events, with shows planned for Sydney Mardi Gras, the All About Women Festival and the For Films Sake Festival coming up. And being written about in over 10 languages around the world.