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Alli Sebastain Wolf with Deep Sea Astron


Alli Sebastian Wolf (they/them/she/her) is an award winning multidisciplinary artist based in Eora / Sydney, Australia. They work across visual arts, performance, costume, drag, playwriting, film and theatre. ​Queer and gender fluid, their work explores environmental, gender, and social themes with a subversive playfulness.


With works traveling across Australia and around the world, their career highlights include; multiple appearances on the Opera House mainstage, performing with renowned artists including Brendan McClean and Amanda Palmer, two short films and a performance featured at TEDx Sydney in front of 5000 people, inclusion in Best Australian Stories, features in media around the world including The Guardian and Teen Vogue, the Excellence in New Theatre Award from Sydney Fringe Festival and Spirit of Youth award from Qantas, residencies at the ABC, Phare Ponleu Selpak in Cambodia, HotHouse Theatre, PACT and Queen Street Studios, The CAL NSW Premier’s Western Sydney Writers’ Fellowship, numerous grants, festival appearances and many more.

They've produced prestigious events and festivals, regularly deliver workshops and talks to children and adults from all walks of life, and spend as much time as possible canoeing with their cat. 

ASW is also the creative director, lead costume maker and playwright of performance troupe Deep Sea Astronauts (, a collective of artists, musicians, performers and vagabonds who make performances for events and festivals.

Please contact them for further CV details, bookings or commissions.

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