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Alli Wedding DJ 2.jpg


Unashamedly wall to wall bangers.


To be clear - there is no technical proficiency, no talented overlaying of complex beats to create original masterpieces, just talent for finding the classics you can't help but sing along to, the new gems you wont be able to live without, and getting the crowd jumping and yelling and sweating up a storm. 

Combined with costumes, Alli's high energy dancing and ability to move through decades and genres smoothly - it's a bloody good time. 


Alli has DJed for everything from crowds of 800+ revellers over NYE at Lost Paradise Festival to an intimate group of 20+ people in an abandoned school bus by a river. 

  • Festivals

  • Warehouse Parties

  • Bars and Venues

  • Birthday Parties

  • Weddings

  • Coperate events

  • Intergalactic queer space communist parties (it was great)

  • Annual GM's for fake casinos

  • Underground bars in Osaka

  • Ladybug shaped car parties in the middle of the dessert

  • Boats in the water and in the middle of paddocks

  • Anywhere where you want people to have a good time and get off their seats.


Often in costumes and with music curated to fit the theme of the event,

Alli brings more than just tunes - it's a show.


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