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Axl Rod is Alli Sebastian Wolf's gloriously bemulleted alter ego. From mechanic to guillotineable aristocrat to merman to Christmas elf to intergalactic sex fiend - Axl Rod has many acts and faces. 


An eminent Drag King on the Sydney queer scene Axl has performed across Australia and internationally.


'Drag King host, Axl Rod is equal parts sensational drag king, to comedic genius, and we’re currently obsessed. Their act is full of hilarious surprises and mass audience participation, which leaves the audience quite literally gagging for more.'  ​A MODERN GAYS GUIDE

'Axl Rod was the perfect trivia host and they were integral in making our work trivia social night a success. They were timely, helpful and most of all, a hilarious and fun host. The audience loved their quips, their performance and the way they structured the trivia. All in all, I couldn't recommend Axl Rod more!!' 
Nat, People and Culture Coordinator - Future Super Group 


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