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A giant sparkling 100:1 scale anatomical model of a clitoris

- one of the most misunderstood parts of the human body.


The Glitoris depicts not just the tip above the surface but the 5-12 cm's of interconnected muscle, nerves and erectile tissue beneath the skin.

With it comes performances from The Clitorati, costumed ambassadors for the clit who carry the sculpture, using dance and audience engagement to educate about the clitoris.


This was created as a passion project to exhibit at a local bar/gallery, but before the costumes had even been completed The Glitoris was picked up by Buzzfeed and became an international sensation. Amanda Palmer shared it online and two days later The Glitoris debuted onstage with her at the Sydney Opera House before 2000 people. It went viral on an international scale with coverage across Australian media and sites in England, France, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, the USA, China, Hungary, Greece, Spain and Turkey.


It got a full page full colour spread in major Danish paper Politiken, and photos in French Glamormagazine, and American Teen Vogue. The shares on social media dominated newsfeeds. For two days it was the number one search resultfor the word 'clitoris' in google. Since then it has been shown at galleries, festivals, parties and talks around NSW and Canberra  and continues to be feature in news and social media around the world.

Currently in development are a stage show, a GIANT version of the sculpture, and a documentary by director Julia Lenton.

Coming soon are some 2D versions of the artworks and a short film about them for Midsummer Festival in Melbourne and The Aleph Arts and Science Festival in Mexico City. 

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Learn all about the clitoris:

It's history, anatomy and what it likes.

From seminars at the National Science Centre, talks at the Sydney Opera House and workshops a the Australian National University, to underground warehouse parties and festivals of good sex - ASW has been spreading clitoris love far and wide.


In full costume with giant golden Glitoris and bonus vulva suit, audience interactive and these talks and workshops are engaging and fun - making often uncomfortable conversations easy and approachable. 

This can be delivered as a seminar, short talk or as a hands on workshop that teach you all about the clit whilst you make your very own Glitoris to take home. 

Contact Alli Sebastian Wolf to discuss bookings.


Own your very own Glitoris!

Gorgeous golden mirrored jewellery and clitmas decorations handmade from locally sourced components - made to order or up-cycled from vintage pieces. They are true to life-size and a great conversation starter. 

50% of the profits go to providing free clitoris repair surgery for victims of FGM (female* genital mutilation), so you can look fabulous while helping clits.

*Obviously not all people with clitoris are female, however FGM is the most broadly accepted technical term for this issue


glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 3.

Clitbait: 10 things you didn't know about the clitoris

- The Guardian

'Palmer said it was the most effective artwork in the fight against fascism she’d ever seen. Wolf will settle for a world with equality on toilet walls, where there are as many clitorises graffitied as penises.'


Alli Sebastian Wolf Talks Clitoris

- Equal Pleasure

Alli takes listeners through an anatomy lesson in the many wonders of this designed-for-pleasure organ, and says in a world where women have been taught to hate their bodies, to be able to take pleasure in your body or to help other’s take pleasure in theirs is a revolutionary act.


The Glitoris is the shining beacon of pleasure we need

 - Mashable

'People have been making penis art for an eternity, but finally one artist is giving the clitoris its due. 

“I wanted to make something that celebrated it, a giant golden sparkling shrine that would help people come to love it like I do.” '

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 4

Bow down to the power of this artist’s giant sparkly clitoris

- Metro UK

'If our culture keeps shifting towards a loving understanding of the clit there is a world of connection and pleasure at our fingertips. I wanted to make something that celebrated the clitoris- it’s the only organ we know about in the entire universe that serves no purpose other than pleasure!'


Getting to know the sex organ most people are woefully ignorant about 

- The Sydney Morning Herald

"I had no idea it was this incredible shape happening beneath the surface. It's not in our sex education, it's not in our culture," she says. "It's really only in the last 20 years it has started to come into medical understanding and then from that it's just slowly started to trickle down into the rest of society."

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 4

All Hail 'Glitoris', the Giant Golden Clitoris


'A sparkling celebration of the female anatomy big and bold enough that even your most clueless sexual partner would have no trouble locating it.'

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 3.

A giant sparkling clitoris is making a splash in Sydney this summer

- Timeout 

'Check out the giant bedazzled clitoris ensconced in the window of Redfern's Bearded Tit bar.... 

AKA: the most fabulous anatomy lesson you can have.'


A golden way to draw attention to an overlooked piece of female anatomy 

- Design INDABA

“No matter what your gender or desire, I hope this helps people connect with their own and each other's pleasure better. The Glitoris is just a small part of a revolutionary shift in awareness,” she says.

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 4

Australian Artist Creates Golden Clitoris Statue

- Teen Vogue

' it's the decoration we all desperately need.

Ok, it's not exactly a decoration, it's actually a gorgeous piece of art with a super important message.'

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 3.

The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings (and nine other things we learned from a new artwork)

- The Irish Times

'With Glitoris, she wanted to create “something fun and fabulous ... [and] really pleasurable to engage with – not a static artwork or an anatomy lesson, but something where people could come have a bit of a fondle and enjoy the sparkly colours”.'

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 4

This artist made a huge, Sparkly clitoris sculpture for Education Purposes and you won't be able to look away. 

- Marie Claire

'Though the actual concept for the artwork had been in Alli’s head for a few years, she was waiting for the right time to debut it – and what better time than amongst the Women’s Marches taking place all over the world?'

glitoris by alli sebastian wolf image 3.

This Woman Made A Huge Sparkly Sculpture Of A Clitoris Called "The Glitoris" And It's Really Something 

- Buzzfeed

“Maybe some day we’ll have as many clits graffitied on toilet walls as penises. That will be a good day.”

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